Marlett Purcell

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Marlett’s Live Auction Package: Coming soon!

Occupation/Employer: Divisional Assistant at Belk Corporate

Hometown: Lake Wylie, SC

Friends call me: Mar

Reality show I’m most likely to win: Rupaul’s Drag Race

I’m most likely to make the evening news for: Breaking the record for riding most times riding The Fury at Carowinds.

One book I could read over and over: The Hobbit

First thing I do in the morning: Add 5 more minutes to my alarm

Celebrity most likely to play me in a movie about my life: Kristen Bell

Song that always makes me dance: Come On Eileen– Dexys Midnight Runners

No one would ever believe I once: Wanted to be on the Hula Hoop Troop in college

Most valuable possession: My great aunt’s ring

Favorite local restaurant: RuRu’s Tacos and Tequila

TV show I never miss: Tie between American Horror Story and Broad City

I knew I was a grown-up when: I got my own wedding invitation not included with my parents

Most likely to be found at this local hang-out: Sycamore Brewery

I can’t get enough of this guilty pleasure: Jersey Shore

Three things on my bucket list: Skydiving, go to Thailand and play with the temple monkeys, and live in New York City.

My greatest lifetime accomplishment, so far: Getting my job

If I could choose to be given one super power, it would be: To travel anywhere in one blink

Favorite movie moment: Penny Lane explaining what Band Aids are

It’s annoying how good I am at: Finding GIFs