Jessica Trahan

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Jessica’s Live Auction Package: Coming soon!

Occupation/Employer: Education Sales

Hometown: Charlotte Native

Friends call me: JT, Jess or Trahan.

Reality show I’m most likely to win: Shark Tank

I’m most likely to make the evening news for: Protesting something or someone.

One book I could read over and over: Hunger Games

First thing I do in the morning: Hit snooze

Celebrity most likely to play me in a movie about my life: Zoe Dechenel

Song that always makes me dance: The Way You Make Me Feel, Michael Jackson

No one would ever believe I once: Saved a guy’s life by holding his head together

Most valuable possession: My family and friends come first but I didn’t buy them. Most valuable purchased possession would be my Wrangler.

Favorite local restaurant(s): 1900. Lucciano. Pinky’s. Soul Gastro.

TV show I never miss: Law and Order: SVU

I knew I was a grown-up when: I started traveling for work and mastered leaving my house, ubering to the airport and getting through security… all in less than 20 minutes.

Most likely to be found at this local hang-out: Dixies Tavern (if it was still 2008). These days- anywhere with wine, bread and cheese.

I can’t get enough of this guilty pleasure: Marathons….Netflix marathons and queso.

Three things on my bucket list: Drink Champagne in Champagne, France, have some babies, buy a house with a yard.

My greatest lifetime accomplishment, so far: Successfully changing careers at 29.

If I could choose to be given one super power, it would be: To stop time, so I could sleep in.

Favorite movie moment: William Wallace Freedom Speech in Braveheart if I need some motivation. If not, the ending of The Bodyguard (duh).

It’s annoying how good I am at: Making lists and planning trips.