Dillon Parker

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Dillon’s Live Auction Package: Ritzy Atlanta

Name: Dillon Parker

Age: 24

Occupation/Employer: The Village People Construction Worker

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Friends call me: Biggie Smallz, Gilligan, Big Sexy, Dill Pickle,

Reality show I’m most likely to win: America Ninja Warrior

I’m most likely to make the evening news for: Giving back to my community

One book I could read over and over: Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

First thing I do in the morning: Use the Facilities

Celebrity most likely to play me in a movie about my life: Seth Green

Song that always makes me dance: Baby Got Back, I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

No one would ever believe I once: Rafted the Grand Canyon

Most valuable possession: Family

Favorite local restaurant: Great Wall of China South

TV show I never miss: Friends, That ‘70’s Show, Supernatural

I knew I was a grown-up when: The bills starting coming in and I had to start paying for stuff on my own

Most likely to be found at this local hang-out: Freedom Park

I can’t get enough of this guilty pleasure: Gummy bears/Gummy worms, Devils food cookies

Three things on my bucket list: Start a successful construction company, help find a cure for CF, start a family

My greatest lifetime accomplishment, so far: There’s a lot; Eagle Scout, College Graduate

If I could choose to be given one super power, it would be: Power to heal

Favorite movie moment: When the magicians got away with it. (Now You See Me)

It’s annoying how good I am at: annoying my sister