Gabriela Chassagne

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Gabriela’s Live Auction Package: Coming soon!

Occupation/Employer: Capital Markets Consultant

Hometown: Melbourne, FL

Friends call me: Gaby mostly…but there’s about 20 different spin-offs from that as well.

Reality show I’m most likely to win: Beat Shazam. Growing up I would basically play this game in the car with my dad, so I have a feeling I’d crush it.

I’d most likely to make the evening news for: Adopting every dog in an animal shelter. I’ve been involved in animal rescue most of my life.

One book I could read over and over: Any of the Harry Potter books.

First thing I do in the morning: Hit snooze about 8 million times. Not a morning person!

Celebrity most likely to play me in a movie about my life: I’ve been told Salma Hayek. She’s outspoken, passionate, and a global citizen/humanitarian. She also doesn’t take BS from anyone.

Song that always makes me dance:  This is really hard, because I love to dance to anything and everything. I’ll go with Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira.

No one would ever believe I once: Used to be EXTREMELY shy.

Most valuable possession: My passport. Each page of stamps holds its own set of memories.

Favorite local restaurant: Murphy’s. Awesome atmosphere, awesome food.

TV show I never miss: Game of Thrones.  I curl up with my Direwolves (my huskies), channel my inner Khaleesi, and watch the drama unfold.

I knew I was a grown-up when: Jokes on you, I’m not a grown up. I was even Rufio for Halloween last year.

Most likely to be found at this local hang-out: Sycamore Brewing, Connolly’s or Murphy’s!

I can’t get enough of this guilty pleasure: Mochi Ice Cream. The Harris Teeter on South Blvd has them and I’m obsessed.

Three things on my bucket list: 1) Horseback African Safari 2) Tomorrowland in Belgium 3) Ibiza

My greatest lifetime accomplishment, so far: Founding the first High School Varsity Women’s Lacrosse team in my county when I was a Junior. I didn’t realize the long-term impact it would have. One day this teen working at my local Sports Authority was talking to me about “this one girl forever ago who went to X high school, who started it all”…and when she discovered I was “that one girl” she couldn’t stop thanking me for paving the way. Now 10 years later, there are so many programs available in my county for girls of all ages.

If I could choose to be given one super power, it would be:  Invisibility; I always loved Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. Or maybe super speed…I could 1) save so many lives by getting to them just in time and 2) never be late for anything ever again.

Favorite movie moment: When Gerry first meets Holly in P.S. I Love You. Or when Joe chases down Jess at the airport in Bend it Like Beckham.

It’s annoying how good I am at: How persuasive/influential I can be in situations. At least that’s what most of my friend’s say…I’ll go ahead and take this as they think I’m a charmer. Thanks guys!