Sarah Gundle

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Occupation/Employer: Office Manager, Atlantic Wood & Timber

Hometown: Do I have to pick just one?

My favorite Guys & Dolls memory: Bid for a Cure gets me every time! Every year I watch people donate and get literally nothing out of it – they’re not bidding on a package, they’re not entering the silent auction, they’re just sitting in a room promising to pay money for something that may never affect them personally. I cry every year (thank God for waterproof mascara, because otherwise I’d be a mess!). There is something so incredibly moving about watching generosity in action.

Second to that? It has to be walking off the stage after bidding on my package was done! All the work was over, I didn’t have to be nervous about tripping or making a fool of myself, and I could cheer on everybody as they strutted their stuff.

I am involved with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation because… what other Foundation lets you make SUCH a difference? We get to see the new treatments that come out and know that we contributed to it directly. CF affects a relatively small number of people but affects them in a huge way, and I love feeling like the work I put into events with CFF will make a difference in the day-to-day lives of people all across the world.